Crafting Selves: Power, Gender, and Discourses of Identity in a Japanese Workplace

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"The ethnography of Japan is currently being reshaped by a new generation of Japanologists, and the present work certainly deserves a place in this body of literature. . . . The combination of utility with beauty makes Kondo’s book required reading, for those with an interest not only in Japan but also in reflexive anthropology, women’s studies, field methods, the anthropology of work, social psychology, Asian Americans, and even modern literature."—Paul H. Noguchi, American Anthropologist

"Kondo’s work is significant because she goes beyond disharmony, insisting on complexity. Kondo shows that inequalities are not simply oppressive-they are meaningful ways to establish identities."—Nancy Rosenberger, Journal of Asian Studies

Winner, J.I. Staley Prize, 1999, School for Advanced Research, for a book having an impact on the field of Anthropology.


The best-selling anthropological monograph published by University of Chicago Press, 1990-2004.